It’s all about the detail ……

Without wanting to be a slave to design trends, it is interesting keeping an eye on what’s happening overseas. Donna Jones from The Design Option saw the latest global looks on show recently at a high end luxury furniture fair in New York.

Arriving home with thousands of photos and a wealth of information plus a few essential purchases, she talked with JES MAGILL about the dominant trends.

Detail – beautiful, well thought through detail – impressed Donna Jones when she visited the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.

“Handles on furniture, negative detailing in metal, exquisite metal inlays and much of the detail in brass, stirred the senses,” she says. “Silver, bronze but especially brass, was everywhere. And there were different effects on the metal; burnished, blackened, hammered and oxidised, as well as accessories such as mirrors featuring metal trim.”

Timber made an appearance this year and revealed effects such as sandblasting. Donna says this natural material, loved for its warmth, was nearly always juxtaposed with other materials –

“think concrete, stone, marble and again – metal.”

“We saw a lot of linear patterning which was softened by curves and in terms of design shapes, I’m thinking we’ll definitely be seeing more curves here. Linear designs appeared in lighting as well with criss-crossed metal forms coming through and there were loads of pendants.”

Observing a strong focus on spaces in homes, Donna says the need for them to be multi-functional was accomplished with ottomans, poufs and screens, all allowing for flexibility.
“And, there were loads on show, including pieces suitable for outdoors. The metal theme came through again with laser-cut screens, which were equally effective and beautiful for interior and exterior schemes.

“Looking at soft furnishings, velvet was everywhere and felted wool not far behind. We also saw on single pieces of fabric, one colour taken from really intense tones through to soft, chalky hues. There was detail here too with top stitching, even pompoms for fun.”

With qualities of fabric softness and texture generally used in interiors being reinvented for the outdoors, Donna says a completely waterproof outdoor fabric of this nature was now on the market. “Water just can’t penetrate!”

She adds that the main colour cues evident at the fair included Pantone’s colour for 2017 – Greenery, a fresh, zesty yellow green.

“There was also quite a lot of Pantone’s Sunflower and Royal Orchid – similar to the old aubergine – and dusky pink had moved through to a peach pink.

“Ochre and burnt mustard colours were definitely on the rise – they go so well with green – and terracotta had been reinvented; it’s now more of a red ochre and goes well with navy.

Really dark inky blues were still around, too, trending through to more powdery blue tones.”

Health and wellness were big in every way, says Donna. ”People are starting to look at different ways they can create a better environment for themselves. Reconnecting with nature and also enjoying spa-like experiences at home came through as important.

Home saunas and state-of-the-art sauna/showers look like something we’ll see more of here.” Impressed by the meld of practicality, and innovation, she says acoustic walls for healthy noise levels showed how treatments with a practical purpose could be beautiful too.

“Outdoor lighting also combined beauty and function with tall lamps appearing as illuminated outdoor art.”

Donna says pieces designed and made in America were evident throughout the fair but with two of New Zealand’s leading designers – Simon James and David Trubridge – displaying there, Donna hopes that global buyers won’t take the Buy Local concept too literally!