Head Start on Wedding Day

Getting ‘hitched’ might once have been a simple and easy affair but not these days. The modern bride and groom have plenty to think about regardless of the size or style of their wedding.

The first thing to do is make an ordered list then attend to it step by step.

Many things need booking early – venues for ceremony and reception, celebrant, photographer, hairdresser and dress, to name a few.

Other things can be left until later – invitations (many couples now use computer graphics to make their own), wedding favours, shoes, decorations and cake among others.

The order in which items are dealt with may differ for some but what will be standard for most people is that there are loads of things to think about.

Food is one of priorities – will you have a set menu, buffet or finger food; do children or special diets need to be considered and do you need to book caterers or does the reception venue handle it all.

Also remember:

The atmosphere: What theme will you choose for your wedding: a colour, a culture, a historical period? Which DJ or band will spur your guests on to the dance floor? Will you surprise guests with a special dance?

Photographer: How will you immortalise your wedding: photos, videos, or both? Remember to plan for an indoor photo session in case Mother Nature doesn’t co-operate on your big day.

The invitations: Don’t wait until the last minute to send out your invitations if you want all the important people in your life to celebrate with you. Send 6-8 weeks in advance and do indicate the theme and dress code. Think about including self-addressed stamped envelopes for those essential RSVP’s although, today, many couples are happy to receive email replies.

Wedding bands: Your wedding bands are the symbols of your love; choose them with care. Do you both want gold, silver, or with diamonds? Discreet or extravagant? With or without an engraving?

Beauty appointments: Hairstyle, manicure, waxing, and makeup – leave nothing to chance if you want to look stunning on your big day. Time your appointments carefully, you don’t want discoloured roots to be visible under your veil!

Dress, suit, accessories: The outfits of bride, groom, and wedding party are usually coordinated. Will you be a vision in white or will you choose to add a colourful note? Also, be sure your shoes suit your venue – stiletto’s won’t do in a paddock, on the sand or in a rocky/stoney location.

Flowers, decorations: Have you chosen a colour scheme for your flowers and decorative accessories? What are your favourite flowers and is the season right for them? How will the tables be dressed? Will you dress the church or ceremony venue?

Transportation: Will you arrive by car, boat, horse-drawn carriage, or even by parachute? Whatever your choice, be sure to take your dress and the weather into consideration.

Guest favours: A personalised trinket, gourmet sample, beauty item or a home decor object – have you found the perfect wedding favour to thank your guests for joining you?

The honeymoon: A truly idyllic honeymoon shouldn’t break your budget. Are you tempted by an exotic island or a vibrant city? Do you long for local touring or an overseas escape. Do you want snow or sunshine? Choose the destination and the timing carefully.

Get out your calendar, Make reservations early to secure the top experts in every domain.

They will be in demand.