It’s raining, it’s pouring….

We are now into winter and the rain is coming down relentlessly. However, being stuck inside with children doesn’t have to mean being bored or children blobbing out.

In fact, if one rainy day rolls into the next kids will be itching to move about and will want to use up some energy.

Why not try a few of our fun activities while you are cooped up indoors. Here are a few boredom-busting ideas, crafts and things to do indoors:

• Make a batch of play dough and add some essential oils, it will make your home smell divine. There are plenty of cooked and uncooked play dough recipes on the internet.
• Pull a pile of blankets and sheets out of the cupboard and make a hut in the dining room or lounge.
• Blow up a couple of balloons and play balloon tennis
• Let your children explore your wardrobe, they will love dressing up in your clothes and shoes.
• Make paper aeroplanes.
• Tape masking tape onto the floor to make an indoor ‘hop-scotch’.
• Write a letter/postcard to a family member or friend.
• Teach your children to play cards – ‘fish, memory or snap’.
• Make puppets out of old socks.
• Set up an obstacle course using cushions, a broom, tape or string.
• Teach your child to ‘French knit’ or finger knit.
• Create a ‘day spa’ – have manicures, pedicures and polish your nails.
• Make a race track using masking tape down the hallway and around the furniture.
• Collect cardboard boxes for a few weeks and then the children can use as much cellotape and glue as they need to make their own creations.
• Put on calming music and teach the children some basic yoga moves.
• Set up a scavenger hunt around your house.

Finally, enjoy some of these activities with your children; you may have played some when you were a child. These ideas are great for families, groups of friends or kiddies on their own (hallelujah). Embrace rainy days; they are a prime time to recharge and reconnect with family and friends.

Supplied by Rockabye Early Learning Centre, Highland Park