February 2017: Holidays, houses and hedgehog

Helen Perry, Editor

Sometimes the mind boggles. A recent email asked if I was interested in covering a dumpling-eating contest in the fair city of Sydney.

Now, I have to question anyone who (as stated) spends a day or so stretching their stomach by drinking gallons of water in anticipation of downing at least 18 dumplings in two minutes.

But, perhaps, more astonishing is that all is in aid of the Cure Brain Cancer foundation – need I say more?

Dumplings aside, it’s hard to believe February is already here – one minute we were planning Christmas and holidays, now school is set to start again. Of course, I’m pretty sure the new term can’t come fast enough for both kiddies and mums – well, for mums at least!

On the other hand, I’m preparing for a few short excursions, the first to Nelson and the Golden Bay district where I’m hoping the weather will be kind to us although, going on this summer’s record, I’m not confident.

Unfortunately, our sojourn to the south was planned months ago when I thought we would be well and truly in our new home but we’re cutting it fine. Hand-over is scheduled for just three days before we take this quick break and I’m starting to panic!

Packing was going well but has slowed – I rather think it will all become a bit of a nightmare as I juggle work, house, holiday and the many ‘extras’ I still have to attend to – namely window treatments and ordering a few new items of furniture…from Tauranga! So, wish me luck!

Now, that I’ve had my say, it’s ‘yay’ to another EastLife jam-packed with plenty of reading. In particular, meeting hedgehog custodian Terri Marchant warmed my heart and even more so when I discovered one of these prickly little creatures living comfortably in our garden.

Each evening, we see him/her setting off down the fence line on a daily constitutional and, just a few days ago, this busy little urchin was snuffling around on the lawn – amongst a large flock of doves, blackbirds, sparrows and finches – enjoying a touch of breakfast.

I was enchanted. Naturally, my chat with Terri encouraged me do some added reading on hedgehogs to ensure our little friend remains happy and healthy.

In this issue I should mention that the EastLife website is undergoing some major changes and will be out of action for a while. Competition entries can still be sent in via the email address on our temporary site and all digital issues can still be accessed.

For those who prefer their hard copy, just pick up, as usual, from one of the many dropboxes around the district, particularly in local shopping centres.

And, with that, it’s time for me to disappear and for you to grab that cuppa, put up your feet for an hour and just enjoy all that’s within!