Cured duck

If your goose isn’t cooked come Christmas, there is a cure. However, as good things take time (up to eight months in this case), it always pays to think ahead!

Thanks Scarecrow head chef, Damian Husted, for this handy little recipe.

• 4 wild duck breasts
• 300g raw sugar
• 300g sea salt (no iodine)
• 100g thyme
• 250g good red wine (remember, good wine = good food!)

Mix salt, sugar and thyme by hand to a semi-uniform consistency. Cover duck breasts with a thick layer of the cure and leave for 48 hours.

Wash duck breasts in wine and pat dry.

Age duck breasts up to eight months in a cool and dry environment, wrapped in either parchment paper or muslin cloth.

Serve with pickled carrots or beetroot and garnish with seasonal herbs.