Trio of spring styles

Spring is already on us and as we start thinking ahead about hair styling and the change in our hair texture as the weather also changes, the Vivo Howick team has come up with three top spring hair looks!

From a slick back, easy pony, to a blown out wonder, Vivo Howick has covered it all for you!

The Look: Blow out Chic

Get the look: Give your hair a deep side part then blow it out with a rounded brush for subtle curled ends. Want a lasting blow out? Head over to your stylist for a professional salon blow out. They are designed to last for days, so you can focus on other things besides your hair!

The Look: Slick Pony

Get the look: Add hair oil to damp hair and blow dry straight. Brush hair upwards towards the back of your crown. Secure the pony tail with a strong hair tie and flat iron the pony tail. Any fly-aways can be pushed back with a fine comb and hair sprayed. Loop a black ribbon around the pony tail.

The Look: Take me to the beach

Get the look: Bring on the summer heat fast with this gorgeous look. Lightly curl hair and add sea salt spray to hair. This leaves your locks with a beachy, matte look. Looking for a great sea salt spray? Try KMS Sea Salt Spray available on the shelf at Vivo Howick or from the Vivo online store at just $36.

  • Supplied by Vivo Howick

And, there you have it, three easy spring looks from the Vivo Howick team! Pop into the salon at 87 Picton Street. Any one of the team will be happy to give you a consult and hair recommendations for your desired look.