I am not just a hairstylist, I am VIVO.

At Vivo we are so much than just stylists. The I AM VIVO campaign concept began initially as an idea to introduce our Vivo stylists to the public.

To let people see who our creative and dedicated team members are – experts in their trade.

This evolved into something even more powerful through inspiration from the work of Vivo team members, who day in and day out proudly presented and displayed their work through the internal Vivo team page.

Everyday our team make people feel and look absolutely amazing around New Zealand by listening and creating unique looks that can only be created with technical skill and love.

At Vivo, we are a friend, a counselor and sometimes a life changer, the story is so much more than just hair. This is how the “I am not just a hairstylist,” line came to be.

The I AM campaign then became about shouting from the rooftops that while Vivo is the biggest salon group in New Zealand, our success and growth comes from the amazing individuals in salons.

Vivo is the people who truly excel at what they do because they turn up every day with passion, with love. That is the essence of Vivo.

Supplied by www.vivosalon.co.nz