Heel pain?

Heel pain is a common foot disorder which The Foot Centre treats. It can be quite severe and can affect people’s quality of life.

Heel pain symptoms

Most sufferers experience heel pain with their first steps in the morning after getting out of bed, or when getting up out of a chair after resting for a while. This is called Post-static Dyskinesia, which means “after rest pain”.

Patients often say the pain feels like a severe stone bruise which gradually reduces to a dull ache. This condition is often called Plantar Fasciitis, which means inflammation of the fascia
(connective tissue) at the bottom of the foot.

This inflammation is caused by the increased tension (pulling) at one of the largest fascial structures of the foot, the Plantar Aponeurosis.

Its connection, or anchor point, at the heel starts to pull away, damaging this tissue. The body will try and repair the tissue by sending increased blood flow (nutrients) to the area

This pooling of extra fluid at rest, can often cause a stone bruise type pain when the patient starts to stand on the foot again. When walked on, the fluid is slowly squeezed away and often the pain levels reduce, until the foot rests and the area has the chance to “fill up”

Sometimes other factors cause heel pain. Identifying the cause of the pain and making a correct diagnosis is vital to allow an appropriate, successful treatment recommendation to be given.


When non-invasive treatments fail to relieve symptoms, surgical correction may be considered. This can include key hole surgery aimed at releasing the tension at the
tightened portion of the fascia.

Thankfully, this treatment offers a fast recovery with a return to walking activity 2-4 days postoperatively, with no need for hospitalisation or general analgesia.

If you do have any questions relating to your foot problem, please feel free to contact The Foot Centre and we will do our best to help

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