Getting started with exercise

When you join a gym or start a new exercise routine, the temptation is to race straight into action. A planning process ensures that your actions and efforts are well directed.

You can go as fast as you like but, if you are going 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction, you end up going backwards.

Take time to assess where you are at, define what you want to achieve and make a plan on how to achieve it. Part of the planning process should focus on identifying factors that might prevent your success and on adapting your plan to account for these barriers.

Once you have a grand plan, it is sensible to break it down into bite-size portions to make it more manageable. As you break your plan down, and prioritise the order in which things need to happen, the task ahead will begin to take shape. It wall also feel less daunting and more achievable.

Exercising with a friend or partner can be a good way to get started and will keep you accountable and motivated while you adjust to a new routine. If you are unsure about any stage in the planning process, it is advisable to ask for advice or support from a qualified exercise professional who can help you plan and make a start.

Step 1: Assessment
Step 2: SMART goal setting
Step 3: Breaking down your goal
Step 4: Setting yourself up for success
Step 5: Choose or create your plan
Step 6: Refine your plan
Step 7: 30-day review

– This article was submitted by the team at Jetts Fitness New Zealand.