Cancer scare sparks new Eco range

When Sonya Driver’s 30-year-old sister was diagnosed with a melanoma it made Sonya look differently at a number of beauty products including tanning options.

Although still wanting a tan, she was no longer comfortable with her options; sun tanning was, in her mind, too high a risk and she felt spray tanning was laden with chemicals that easily absorb into the bloodstream.

Her solution?

Develop a safe, natural tan alternative. She came up with the Eco Tan range which doesn’t contain synthetic colouring and is made from natural cacao (chocolate), herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile from Mother Earth.  It is the first tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government.

In addition to the tanning products, Sonya developed a range of vegan, natural and organic body products to complement Eco Tan.

The Eco Tan range – tanning solutions that are vegan, toxic free, synthetic free and cruelty free, includes:

• Invisible Tan – Express self-tanning crème
• Winter Skin – Gradual tanning moisturiser
• Cacao Firming Mousse – Luxurious deep bronze
• Face Tan Water – suitable for oily and acne prone skin
• Extreme Exfoliant Glove
• Natural Coconut Sunscreen – SPF 30+, 3-hours water resistant (vegetarian)

Eco by Sonya Driver – natural body care to support Eco Tan products, feature the same benefits and include:

• Lemongrass Cleansing Foam – for normal to oily skin. Soap free, SLS free and synthetic free.
• Coconut Mint Body Wash – for normal to dry skin. Soap free, SLS free and   synthetic free.
• Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
• Coconut Body Milk
• Coconut Deodorant
• Organic Personal Outdoor Spray