Maison de Tease at The Lounge

If it takes two to tango, it takes at least as many to tease!

When The Lounge hosted a (little bit) bawdy burlesque evening (Maison de Tease) recently, photographer CHRISTEL KELLY MOORE was on hand to capture just a few of the faces of those there to share in this irreverent romp.

1. Sam Ridling
2. Chris and Tony Bull
3. Jana Kovacevic and Izzy Sibinovic
5. Mark Hilditch and Mel Chambers
4. Miss Red Delicious and Sharne Scarborough
6. Maurice Addy and Rowena Bird
7. Duncan and Wendy Blair
8. Sam Reynolds, Courtney Tyler and Hana Lucas
9. Troy Holt, Matthew Nicholls, Shane Mathison and Kieran Wood