Do you suspect you have a neuroma?

A neuroma is a painful condition, also commonly referred to as a “pinched nerve”, a Morton’s or a traumatic neuroma. The nerve which is commonly...

What sort of X-rays are used in dentistry?

Digital X-rays have, for many years, replaced the old X-ray film, the advantages being that they require far less radiation, there are no chemicals...

Benefits of HIIT training

Traditionally, cardiovascular training has been proposed as an effective strategy in achieving weight loss. In order to burn fat, recommendations were often to train...

Spots before your eyes

Floaters are a common complaint among my patients. They may appear as spots, circles, flecks or ‘cobwebs’ which drift across your field of vision....

Getting started with exercise

When you join a gym or start a new exercise routine, the temptation is to race straight into action. A planning process ensures that...

Head Start on Wedding Day

Getting ‘hitched’ might once have been a simple and easy affair but not these days. The modern bride and groom have plenty to think...

Jewellery range ‘sings’ to senses

The release of Our Song, Let’s Fly, the founding collection in the new Herald label from luxury jewellery designer, Alice Herald, will surely ‘sing’...
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