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On parade with Belle

It was all fashion, fun and frivolity at Belle boutique’s spring fashion parade held at The Lounge, Howick. Showcasing a wide variety of new season...

Silver turns golden

The painstaking, delicate detail put into these stunning sun and moon chandelier earrings, with ornamentation inspired by the Byzantine Empire, has reaped rewards for...

Spots before your eyes

Floaters are a common complaint among my patients. They may appear as spots, circles, flecks or ‘cobwebs’ which drift across your field of vision....

Q&A with Jody Burke

Jody Burke, owner of Pakuranga skin and laser centre, About Skin, is a CIDESCO and Cibtac qualified beauty therapist and a qualified trainer with...

The truth About achieving results in the anti-ageing industry

It may sound too good to be true, but could the secret to healthier, more youthful skin lie in how we heal? All signs...

Do you suspect you have a neuroma?

A neuroma is a painful condition, also commonly referred to as a “pinched nerve”, a Morton’s or a traumatic neuroma. The nerve which is commonly...

Microdermabrasion treatment with Vivo

Many people have heard the term “microderm”, but they aren’t always sure what that entails. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that exfoliates the top...

Cancer scare sparks new Eco range

When Sonya Driver’s 30-year-old sister was diagnosed with a melanoma it made Sonya look differently at a number of beauty products including tanning options. Although...

Easy Wear Party Dresses

Glitz and glam, sequins and bling are tinsel perfect for summer party nights but sometimes all you want is a pretty dress that’s fun,...

East meets west at Mercedes-Benz Botany

Mercedes-Benz finesse recently combined with exotic fashion flair, when Mercedes-Benz Botany hosted the opening show of Chinese Fashion Culture Week at its sumptuous Ti...
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