Investment decisions

Investors who lost money as a result of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) of 2007-2008 have told us that, even though they thought they had ‘diversified’ into a variety of finance companies, their knowledge of those companies was not as robust as they would have liked. Now they feel more cautious about their investments.

An investment advisor is an excellent source to point out the differences between products and how that might fit with financial goals and aspirations but investors are the ones who must be comfortable with where and how their money is invested.

After all it is their money that has been hard earned and the decision about exactly what information is needed in order to make sound decisions should remain in their hands.

At Southern Cross Partners Ltd, we believe investors should have all information that’s available about making a mortgage investment with us, in a succinct way that can assist in making decisions that suits them.

To make this easy we have designed a secure website, which is password protected and only available to registered investors. This allows investment opportunities to be viewed at a convenient time.

Our experts read through all available information about the property offered as security for mortgage investment. This can include a full valuation from a registered valuer or a real estate appraisal, a site visit by a company representative, and a summary which includes the condition of the property and any issues impacting on value.

In addition to information about the property offered as security for an investment, we also provide;

• The reason the borrower requires the funds – there may be a variety of reasons as to why bank funding is unavailable such as having to pay tax arrears, having credit glitches due to illness, business or personal issues or requiring debt consolidation
• A credit rating and details of any credit defaults
• A comment on their ability to service the loan and if personal guarantees are held
• A detailed exit strategy on how they intend to pay the loan back
• Mortgage information including interest rate and fees paid.

Our being transparent, with information regarding the mortgage being offered for investment allows investors to make an informed decision about whether or not this type of investment feels right for them, after all it’s their money and the decision is best in their hands.

To access our investment opportunities simply download an investment application form from our website along with a brochure of further details.

Alternatively call us and we can post one out. Once completed and received by us we register applicants as new investors and provide them with their own secure access to our website.

Being a locally owned and operated business we also invite interested parties to pop in, or call and make an appointment to have a detailed chat and a demonstration of what our investment website can offer. We look forward to seeing you.

To request a brochure phone us on
09 535 2239, email or visit

Alternatively drop in and see us at Selwyn House, 16 Selwyn Rd, Howick.

*Southern Cross Partners Ltd is a licenced Peer to Peer lender under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. *Rates current at time of printing and subject to change.

Supplied by: Heather Kentsley, sales and marketing manager at Southern Cross Financial