Monterey Gallery – The feminine touch

Interesting art is sure to attract a crowd as was the case at the opening of a new exhibition at the Monterey Gallery by painter, illustrator and digital artist, Sarah Jayne Kavali.

Fuelled by Kavali’s love of textiles and fashion, this exhibition of 40 of her illustrations, created over the last year or so, runs until June 2. Photographer CHRISTEL KELLY MOORE was at the opening.

1. Ashleigh Turley, Ashley Cook
2. Rose Rowan, Stela Relf
3. Riet Van Lieshout
4. Helen and Grahame Hamblin
5. Nicola Casey, Wendy Ranson
6. Holly Davies
7. Anne Brewer
8. Christopher Hamblin
9. Samantha Herewini, Sarah Jayne Kavali, Jordon Herewini
10. Amber Knowsley, Helen Simmons